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Five-Year Economic Development Plan 
in Upland, CA

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Tierra West recently collaborated with the City of Upland on a new five-year economic development plan to address the need for diversification of the local economy and job creation. The City of Upland retained Tierra West to prepare an economic development strategy and action plan that would assist the City to prepare for the future needs of its evolving community. 


Tierra West’s partnership with the City of Upland included the following action items:


1. Conduct background research which would identify goals and objectives for a Five-Year action plan;

2. Review the existing consumer demographics and household socioeconomic data, labor force and employment characteristics, real estate trends, consumer demand and market supply and respective trade area maps, and other key economic data essential for developing the Five-Year Economic Development Action Plan (Action Plan);

3. Develop a Five-Year Economic Development Action Plan;

4. Prepare a community profile to provide insight into Upland’s market area, community characteristics and economic indicators;

5. Develop a marketing packet to be used for business and retailer attraction efforts;

6. Assist with City retailer and business attraction efforts; and

7. Conduct a market study for Historic Downtown Upland.


This Five-Year Economic Development Action Plan helped to provide guidance and a framework to the proactive approach taken by the City with regards to its economic development efforts.

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