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Dog Days of Summer

Updated: Jan 24

Here at Tierra West, we’re a team of animal lovers and enjoy bringing our furry friends into the office! There’s nothing like seeing a face like this to start your day off right.

As our official Greeters, the dogs of Tierra West keep morale high and also make sure there are never crumbs on our office floors. A recent study shows that workplace dogs are a key to a happy and productive office culture. In total, 70% of the study’s respondents – including those whose companies do not allow pets – agreed that pets in the office improved working conditions. They encourage our staff to not stare at computer monitors all day, and to remain active with walking breaks or giving belly rubs.

“Our dog-friendly office is key to Tierra West’s understanding of a work-life balance,” says Rose Acosta-Yonai, Tierra West’s Principal and CEO. “We’ve found them essential to our unique culture that prioritizes creativity, productivity and connecting with our clients.”

Meet some of our 4-legged coworkers that you may see the next time you’re visiting Tierra West:


Title: Director, Security & Compliance


Title: Community Relations Intern


Title: Groundskeeper

Mr. Chow

Title: HR Assistant


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